20,000 Years of FARLOST

2591542146438607504Just finishing up this week’s podcast and had to double check a date. Opened up the text file to double check and guess what? (Yes, kids, a ‘text file… I like ‘old school’ and simple :) Guess what else?

I have plotted 20,000 years of Farlost history.
That’s just up to the start of the action.

Writers are crazy.

Should we really Write Every Day?

thought On Cal Newport’s ‘Study Hacks Blog’, the assistant professor of Comp Sci at Georgetown, suggests that ‘Write Every Day’ is bad advice.The article’s not strictly for full time writers but I think it’s a good discussion for writer folks to have.

Deadlines aside, I’d counter the goal behind the goal for daily writing is as important as the wordcount; it’s building habits. For me, it is important. So is not stressing about results. Give it a read & decide how to balance the underlying psychology of the act with clear goals, & the need to approach scheduling with flexibility.

David Brin: “Make the spy bugs smaller”

Science fiction writer & future/tech consultant David Brin was kind enough to give me his take on a quote from grand master Robert Anson Heinlein!

The main thing achieved by any ‘privacy law’ is to make the spy bugs smaller.

In the last decades, surveillance grids have been established that caused critics to despair 1984 had arrived, just a few years late… Fast forward to today: smartphones capture personal/corporate/government abuses & the internet transmits them to millions it then rallies against those abuses.

David Brin has been mulling that quote for a while, & argues in his book The Transparent Society: Will Technology Make Us Choose Between Privacy and Freedom that “(i)f police cameras watch us, shouldn’t we be able to watch police stations?
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SF Quotes, Sykes & Lafferty: kindly towels kindle!

I’m happy to have esteemed and crazy writer-persons Mur Lafferty (MurVerse.com) & Sam Sykes (SamSykes.com) offer up their take on three SF quotes that have stuck with them through the years. Both these artists are good people & I’m happy to have their thoughts. Mur is a podcaster, editor, author & essayist. Her latest book in the ‘Afterlife’ series, War, is out now! Sam is the author of the The Aeons’ Gate fantasy trilogy. Book 2, Black Halo, is out now!

“Would you kindly” … “A towel” … “…breathe fire…”

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Brand Gamblin: “They tried and died.”

Listen along or read author & podcaster Brand Gamblin‘s take on science fiction and heroes and real stakes. All wrapped up in a nice bow, with a gom jabbar.   download

They tried and died.

In David Lynch’s “Dune”, a young prince is brought in to be tested by the Bene Gesserit Reverand Mother. She tells him that the test is very difficult, and that many had tried. He asks, “They tried and failed?” The reverend mother replies, “They tried and died.”

This is a quote that resonates with the sci-fi group, because no matter how full of cyberpunk dystopian angst our stories may get, we always have hope.

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