Do you want to be a Junkie?

Amazon-MoneyWriters want readers. Companies just want consumers. People want to feel enriched by what they consume.
Companies want junkies. What are you?

The most famous company selling books (and everything else under the sun) is Amazon. Amazon doesn’t care what you read, or watch, or in any other way consume, so long as they get a piece of the profit on its way to you.

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Interview: Seth Harwood’s Kick!

Seth Harwood is an indie author & podcaster selling CRIME. He’s worked with small & big press, now he’s using Kickstarter to crowdsource his fiction, selling directly to folks -like me- who love what he does. Enjoy the interview! Download

Seth Harwood received an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and went on to build a large fan base for his first novel, Jack Wakes Up (Random House), by first serializing it as a free audiobook. Across iTunes,, and, his work has been downloaded over one million times. His methods have been covered by The Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle. His second novel, Young Junius, and a novella Triad Death Match are available now.

Darusha Wehm: I’m an Alien

Fellow Canadian author and podcaster Darusha Wehm has a unique view on travel and its effects on the writer. Let’s all sit back and we’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…

Many of the people I’ve met along the way have found their ways into my stories — a turn of phrase here, a hair-raising anecdote there. I’ve learned that the more people I meet, from as diverse backgrounds as possible, the better and more real my characters have become.

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Podcast Teardown: The complete series!

The art of Podcast Fiction is brand new–and old as dirt. Stories shared through the web, often in the voice of the writer, created a new tradition in storytelling. Tech adopters have a tradition of their own, the Teardown: getting into the guts of things they love! Welcome to the Podcast Teardown!

The Teardown is a mini-series of 10 questions on the nature of podcasting, put to 10 well-known podcast authors. The questions are the same. The answers might just surprise you.

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        1. Nathan Lowell
        2. Patrick McLean
        3. Brand Gamblin
        4. Jake Bible
        5. Paul E. Cooley
        6. J. Daniel Saywer
        7. Philippa Ballantine
        8. Basil Sands
        9. Abigail Hilton and Mur Lafferty
        10. Christof Laputka