Interview: Seth Harwood’s Kick!

Seth Harwood is an indie author & podcaster selling CRIME. He’s worked with small & big press, now he’s using Kickstarter to crowdsource his fiction, selling directly to folks -like me- who love what he does. Enjoy the interview! Download

Seth Harwood received an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and went on to build a large fan base for his first novel, Jack Wakes Up (Random House), by first serializing it as a free audiobook. Across iTunes,, and, his work has been downloaded over one million times. His methods have been covered by The Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle. His second novel, Young Junius, and a novella Triad Death Match are available now.

TALK SHOW: Doug Smith

Doug Smith: one of Canada’s most prolific writers of short, speculative fiction, has 100+ story sales in two dozen languages worldwide, including InterZone, Amazing Stories & Baen’s Universe.

We talk about markets for fiction, ebook creation (& luckybatbooks), a short film based on one of his stories & more. His new collection Chimerascope is a 2011 finalist for the juried Sunburst award & fan-voted Aurora award.   mp3 download

TALK SHOW: Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I had a great talk with Kris Rusch-traditional & e-pub writer in sf, fantasy, romance, mystery, well-known for her ‘Business Rusch’ blog. mp3 download

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is the award-winning mystery, romance, science fiction & fantasy writer behind many novels under various names and been published in 14 countries & 13 languages. Pyr published her Diving into the Wreck, in November 2009 & she is actively publishing her backlist online.

Talk Show! for Oct 21: Three Podcast reviews.

mp3 download

The opening transmission comes from the world of my novel ENEMY LINES.

This week, I offer fans of my fiction 3 other podcasts they should be listening to: James Durham’s FETIDUS podcast, Jack Kincaid’s EDICT ZERO: FIS and one Phil Rossi’s HARVEY.

Lastly but not leastly, I rant a little about the cost of Apple, and urge you all to show YOUR favorite podcasts your appreciation.