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View from Valhalla‘s @Odin1eye offers blog text and audio podcast reviews of podcast novels. I admire Odin’s reviews, and am pretty jazzed that he’s reviewed ENEMY LINES!

Despite what I’m assured by Odin is the first-ever rating of “R for violence, language, alien and terrestrial drug use and (terrestrial) sexual situations” (LOL!) and a few technical notes he’s spot-on about, the podcast earned an A on the VfV scale:

This story is pure scifi and very much an action story that is still character driven. There are plenty of situations where the story could have gone in a direction that would have ended in disappointment, and yet Mr. Mierau adroitly maneuvers around these and keeps the story heading down the straight and true.

Mini-Review: The Crown Conspiracy

The Crown Conspiracy, by Michael Sullivan is billed as ‘book one of the Rayirah Revelations’ and it’s a good start to what I’m guessing will be epic. I look forward to book two and more of the same skilled storytelling, built on this great beginning!

Two mercenary thieves become embroiled in a plot to kill a king and his entire line, and their skills and strength of character propel the story from a seeming inevitable defeat of the king (and the death of our heroes) to the epic battle for the kingdom. We meet intriguing characters in this well-crafted fantasy world, and quickly care what happens next. Continue reading