Harold Ramis, Dinosaurs and You

2014-02-24-HaroldRamisThis is a piece about being an artist and making a living. It’s laced with Harold Ramis, in equal parts tribute, shameless linkbait and because it works: he inspired the post. It’s me, mulling how to feed myself by creating things in the modern digital age, and marvelling how we dumb humans have to learn the same lessons over and over again.

Harold learned the lesson. He cares about making people laugh. That’s it. He migrated mediums chasing his prey -human foibles- and left stories of his kindness and tenacity in his wake. He never became a dinosaur.


This is also a reaction and an offered alternative to the surprise and anger out there over Amazon’s shocking decision to lower royalties offered by it’s audiobook spinoff ACX.com. What, you thought the Stay-Puft Amazonasaurus was your friend?

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Apple vs. Amazon, or the Foodie vs. the Big Gulp

Today the world was formally introduced to the Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon said: “There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less.”

I’d argue the Fire is more about Amazon vs. every-android-tablet-out-there (especially B&N’s nook), but the world wants something to call an iPad-killer. Fine, let’s go with it: between these two contenders the fight isn’t overpriced vs. undercut… it’s quality vs. quantity. If Apple’s got a deserved rep for being a snob, than Amazon’s the most annoying Wal-Mart greeter ever.
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TALK SHOW: Doug Smith

Doug Smith: one of Canada’s most prolific writers of short, speculative fiction, has 100+ story sales in two dozen languages worldwide, including InterZone, Amazing Stories & Baen’s Universe.

We talk about markets for fiction, ebook creation (& luckybatbooks), a short film based on one of his stories & more. His new collection Chimerascope is a 2011 finalist for the juried Sunburst award & fan-voted Aurora award.   mp3 download

TALK SHOW: Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I had a great talk with Kris Rusch-traditional & e-pub writer in sf, fantasy, romance, mystery, well-known for her ‘Business Rusch’ blog. mp3 download

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is the award-winning mystery, romance, science fiction & fantasy writer behind many novels under various names and been published in 14 countries & 13 languages. Pyr published her Diving into the Wreck, in November 2009 & she is actively publishing her backlist online.

TALK SHOW: Tobias Buckell

A talk on the long view for publishing, a new funding model, mac-geeking & writing process with author Tobias Buckellmp3 download

Originally hailing from the Caribbean and now making his home in Ohio, Tobias has published 6 books and almost 50 short stories.He is a Clarion graduate, Writers of The Future winner, and Campbell Award for Best New SF Writer Finalist.