On Price, & Trusting Readers

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 1.20.58 PMI’ve talked before about offering my books on Gumroad to provide DRM-free books you actually own & can enjoy on virtually ANY ebook reader or computer. Now I’m taking it further:

One of the hardest things an artist can do is name their price. I’d rather trust readers to reward me as they see fit: I’m lowering the Kindle minimum (I don’t want to tangle with that 800 pound gorilla) & letting you set any price you see fit above that minimum. One of the tricks Amazon uses to keep prices above $2.99 is to cut the royalties they pay authors for cheaper books.

I’m excited to see what happens now I’ve dropped the price for Walk the Fire & Subversion: Enemy Lines 1 to $2.49, below the $2.99 trigger-price Amazon sets for higher royalties to let you name your price.

Am I crazy? I guess we’ll let the readers decide.