The Podcast Teardown

PODCAST_TEARDOWN_finalPodcasting is powerful way to experiment with new content. It has a low cost/tech barrier to entry. Audible can’t make audiobooks fast enough, demonstrating audio remains a unique way for authors to attract attention, where video is an over-saturated medium that often drowns new voices out.

To learn what makes podcast fiction tick, check out my 2011 Parsec Award-nominated Podcast Teardown miniseries, featuring interviews with Mur Lafferty, Nathan Lowell, Jake Bible, Philippa Ballantine, Patrick McLean, Brand Gamblin, Basil Sands, Christof Laputka & Abigail Hilton. Download
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Nathan Lowell: Everyone’s A Critic

If you’ve ever created something you know that moment of pride when you share it-& you know that moment when someone craps all over it.  Print/ebook author & podcaster Nathan Lowell has some pointers on how to take the hits:

(T)he bottom line on this is if you put your work out, you have to own it. People will say all kinds of things about it — and you…glean the valuable lessons from
both positive and negative.

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