LAST MAN HOME – Part 1 of 4

Every year, Jake & his war buddies celebrate their fallen leader, Tom Callahan, and all the others lost at the claws of the Alotans. This year one of those aliens crashes the reunion–& he’s going by the name of…Tom Callahan.

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One of the most popular tales from my first podcast, Serving Worlds.
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Last Man Home, the eBook

Here’s a sneak peek of my upcoming dip into eBooks. I designed the cover myself, completely on iPhone and iPad using Photogene, Juxtaposer and FotoBrush Pro.

‘Last Man Home’ is a novella that appeared on the ‘Serving Worlds’ podcast last year. My next podcast is a more traditional SF, so I thought I’d launch my first ebook with something in the same vein.

More to come soon!