The Podcast Teardown

PODCAST_TEARDOWN_finalPodcasting is powerful way to experiment with new content. It has a low cost/tech barrier to entry. Audible can’t make audiobooks fast enough, demonstrating audio remains a unique way for authors to attract attention, where video is an over-saturated medium that often drowns new voices out.

To learn what makes podcast fiction tick, check out my 2011 Parsec Award-nominated Podcast Teardown miniseries, featuring interviews with Mur Lafferty, Nathan Lowell, Jake Bible, Philippa Ballantine, Patrick McLean, Brand Gamblin, Basil Sands, Christof Laputka & Abigail Hilton. Download
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Essay: suffering to podcast

metalnadash A writer by the name of Jake Bible, someone I listen to and read regularly, someone who’s work I liked enough to buy a story from for the my anthology Walk the Fire, just blogged honestly and eloquently how he finally, with a heavy heart, will no longer podcast his fiction. It’s worth a read.

Podcasting has changed a lot in the last five or seven years. It was once a bright new thing, an innovative road to discovery for indie writers. It was a free way to stay sane on long commutes. It became an iTunes darling, for a time. Podcasting is still here, but it no longer has the cache of being new and innovative. That title was passed on to ebooks.

As you likely have figured out, if you made your way to this blog, I’ve been giving my fiction away for four years. Ten or eleven titles out now, six more in pre-production, more in the brain-cave percolating. I love podcasting almost as much as I love writing. I’m making a day job out of narrating for audible titles as well (stay-at-home-dad wages right now, but the future looks promising), on skills honed from years of podcasting.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you there are days I wake up and think… it’s time to walk away.


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Guest Post: Jake Bible, Uber-Pretentious Writer!

I’m An Uber-Pretentious Writer And Proud Of It, By Jake Bible

So, I’m a writer. There, I said it. Can’t walk away from that statement.
I see a few of you scratching your heads like, “Uh, Jake, yeah, we know. That’s why you were invited to write a post here. That’s why we’re reading it.”
But, what may seem simple to you, kind reader, isn’t always so simple for us wordsmiths. Because, well, there’s this “making a living” thing that gets in the way.
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Transmissions: a Guest voice tour da force!

Now, all you listeners, this is a bit of a re-post. Part gushing again for the guest-voices in this episode, and part pimpery of an episode I’m still pretty proud of.

I’m talking of the special ENEMY LINES holiday episode I put together in December. Check it out here.

If you’re new to the party, or haven’t already heard it, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. There are no spoilers for ENEMY LINES, but sort of a prequel to the world, with many characters not in the novel.

A number of the segments in ‘Transmissions’ were recorded as teaser trailer/promo material, for a campaign that never really got off the ground. I knew the holidays would be rough, and so I set to record a couple extra segments including the continuing plot thread of the episode, which was masterfully voiced by Jack Kincaid, of the podcast Edict Zero: FIS.

The storyline of an embedded Wright on Earth reporting back to the ruling council about his experience and investigations into Typhon Systemwide, is the perfect spine to give all the contributions new life, and give the listeners new hints about the world of ENEMY LINES that will pay off later in the book… and in future books (key evil laughter here).

So thank you again, podcasters, each and every one of you. I’ll round out this post with a list of all the contributors to this ‘very special episode’.

Jack Kincaid
Alex White
James Durham
Starla Huchton
Mike Bennett
Jake Bible
Alex White
Paul Elard Cooley
Seth Harwood
Nathan Lowell
J. Daniel Sawyer