Audible Audiobook Giveaway

51XYhJXKveL._SL300_ My first two Audible audiobook titles are now available, featuring revised text and all-new, high quality recordings performed by awesome new narrators.

‘Last Man Home’ is a quirky mix of serious and humorous science fiction, featuring grizzled war-vets facing off against an alien in the woods.

‘The List’ is a horror (well, more suspense and dark fantasy) piece set in the days leading up to WW2, about a british spy investigating a secret auction for a mysterious List.

To celebrate my launch on Audible I’m giving away five audiobooks! Note: you’ll need to use your account (or create one) to access the download.

To get one of these free books, just tweet or blog this link to my Amazon author page & let me know! I’ll update this post when all five are spoken for.

[UPDATE: They’re all gone, folks! Remember, if you grabbed one, a review on Audible would be much appreciated.]

Free Fiction: Marked Men

MarkedMen600x800 If you love something, set it free. Well, okay, maybe this isn’t quite what the saying had in mind, but I was so blown away to crack the top thousand ebooks on Amazon (out of millions) when I gave away my SF novella ASUNDER that I’m doing it again.

Right now you can grab a free kindle copy of my short story MARKED MEN, my second pro sale to the DAW anthology ‘Slipstreams’… about cowboys & demons. Want to say thanks? Tell everyone you can! Click on the links below to share in social media.

Free Fiction: Asunder

Asunder_e-cover What happens after a war of the worlds? Find out in my sf novella ASUNDER. Get it free for three days.

20 years after the American civil war, former slave Marcus Riggs is trapped in a British Harbor after the Invaders came to enslave all mankind. Now the invaders are gone, and new Orders clash as humanity rises from the ashes…but are the aliens gone for good?

UPDATE: In a day, ASUNDER jumped a 700’s Amazon sales rank! To thank you, I’m gonna give away another story free. Stay tuned.

Join my list to win a TOOLS&MEANS ebook!

Today’s the last day I’m offering a copy of TOOLSandMEANS, first in the ‘Destroyers’ series. All you have to do is sign up for the mailing list (here) and help me promote the ebook.

Tools&Means is now available on Kindle for $1.99, Smashwords & soon on other platforms…Post something LIKE the following on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook, include me in the post or email me the link & I’ll send you the ebook!

“I’m reading a story by John Mierau. You should too! Learn more at!”

Your email will NEVER be sold or revealed. I promise to contact you no more than once or twice a month, probably a lot less, and only when I have something I think you’ll really like! I’m betting you’ll really like TOOLS&MEANS. It’s some of my best writing, with deeply drawn characters and some unsettling action scenes. Thanks for your help spreading the word!

Don’t tell Amazon! …okay, go ahead, tell’em!

Today begins a marketing experiment with ebooks and Kindle. I’m testing the sensitivity of Amazon and hoping it’s high enough to catch me at my own game…and fall into my evil trap!
Translation: I’m giving away HARLAN’S WAKE for free on Smashwords or iBooks…not so much on Kindle.

See, Amazon doesn’t let folks give their books away. But if you give your books away elsewhere, and they catch you at it, they drop your book to $0 automatically. So, I’m hoping you’ll read the story of the Harlan clan and the alien Silvers. If you like it? Tell others, leave a review or pick up another story.

Of course, if you want it for free on Amazon, you can always narc on me on Amazon. Please. Go ahead. The link’s about halfway down the page, right above customer reviews.

Leave a Review, get a Free Ebook!

Hey, you. Yeah, you… You like free ebooks?

Get any of my SciFi or Fantasy short stories or novella for Free! How? Easy.

Leave a review for one of my titles on Amazon. Click the cover images to the right for kindle links & free samples! Tweet or email me when you’ve left the review and tell me it’s done, and send the name of the title you want to @johnmierau on twitter, or email me using the contact form at the top of the site.

Choose ePub or Mobi (kindle) formats for your reading pleasure, and thank you for the help spreading the word, about how I’m -ahem- Serving Worlds! …and that’s it! It means a lot to me, gets you a free ebook & helps me bring you more fresh stories, podcasts, ebooks & more!