Podcast Teardown: The complete series!

The art of Podcast Fiction is brand new–and old as dirt. Stories shared through the web, often in the voice of the writer, created a new tradition in storytelling. Tech adopters have a tradition of their own, the Teardown: getting into the guts of things they love! Welcome to the Podcast Teardown!

The Teardown is a mini-series of 10 questions on the nature of podcasting, put to 10 well-known podcast authors. The questions are the same. The answers might just surprise you.

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        1. Nathan Lowell
        2. Patrick McLean
        3. Brand Gamblin
        4. Jake Bible
        5. Paul E. Cooley
        6. J. Daniel Saywer
        7. Philippa Ballantine
        8. Basil Sands
        9. Abigail Hilton and Mur Lafferty
        10. Christof Laputka

Mini-Review: The Crown Conspiracy

The Crown Conspiracy, by Michael Sullivan is billed as ‘book one of the Rayirah Revelations’ and it’s a good start to what I’m guessing will be epic. I look forward to book two and more of the same skilled storytelling, built on this great beginning!

Two mercenary thieves become embroiled in a plot to kill a king and his entire line, and their skills and strength of character propel the story from a seeming inevitable defeat of the king (and the death of our heroes) to the epic battle for the kingdom. We meet intriguing characters in this well-crafted fantasy world, and quickly care what happens next. Continue reading