CrowdFunding & Best-Selling!

Busy week here in the empire of Serving Worlds! I’ve been planning my IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund ENEMY LINES in print & ebook for a while now. It launched this past week. I’m off to a good start, but I need your help! Please check out the campaign & contribute.

One of my plans to generate buzz for the campaign? A free kindle ebook. I waited the campaign on this, & I’m glad I did. Harlan’s Wake Hit #50 on the SF Best Sellers ‘Free 100’! That felt good…but I guarantee it won’t by my last time on the list!   Happy Holidays, all!

Don’t tell Amazon! …okay, go ahead, tell’em!

Today begins a marketing experiment with ebooks and Kindle. I’m testing the sensitivity of Amazon and hoping it’s high enough to catch me at my own game…and fall into my evil trap!
Translation: I’m giving away HARLAN’S WAKE for free on Smashwords or iBooks…not so much on Kindle.

See, Amazon doesn’t let folks give their books away. But if you give your books away elsewhere, and they catch you at it, they drop your book to $0 automatically. So, I’m hoping you’ll read the story of the Harlan clan and the alien Silvers. If you like it? Tell others, leave a review or pick up another story.

Of course, if you want it for free on Amazon, you can always narc on me on Amazon. Please. Go ahead. The link’s about halfway down the page, right above customer reviews.

Jamie Todd Rubin: “All Major Changes…”

Jamie Todd Rubin name drops some great writers, and (@jamietr on twitter) tackles the stories we love, and the formats we read in. Jamie loves the classics, which gives his thoughts on the igniting ebook market special weight.

“All major changes are like death. You can’t see to the other side until you’re there.”
Dr. Ian Malcom, Michael Chricton’s Jurassic Park.

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Another Podcast Author bows out?

Podcast fiction is not a career, it’s something you do for the love of it. Sure, it’s a good way to build a name, and build people interested in your stuff, make a ‘platform’… but only if you love it. Or it’ll fail. And hurt.

I am a writer. I’m also a communicator and a net culture guy, so podcasting is a no-brainer for me, right? Well, scratch that, it actually was-and is-a bit of thought, and a heckuva lot of work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but when Phil Rossi recently admitted in his blog that after losing his job, he’s thinking about turning off the podcasting mic, it resonated. Made me sad. Rung my bell.

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TALK SHOW: Doug Smith

Doug Smith: one of Canada’s most prolific writers of short, speculative fiction, has 100+ story sales in two dozen languages worldwide, including InterZone, Amazing Stories & Baen’s Universe.

We talk about markets for fiction, ebook creation (& luckybatbooks), a short film based on one of his stories & more. His new collection Chimerascope is a 2011 finalist for the juried Sunburst award & fan-voted Aurora award.   mp3 download

TALK SHOW: Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I had a great talk with Kris Rusch-traditional & e-pub writer in sf, fantasy, romance, mystery, well-known for her ‘Business Rusch’ blog. mp3 download

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is the award-winning mystery, romance, science fiction & fantasy writer behind many novels under various names and been published in 14 countries & 13 languages. Pyr published her Diving into the Wreck, in November 2009 & she is actively publishing her backlist online.

TALK SHOW: Tobias Buckell

A talk on the long view for publishing, a new funding model, mac-geeking & writing process with author Tobias Buckellmp3 download

Originally hailing from the Caribbean and now making his home in Ohio, Tobias has published 6 books and almost 50 short stories.He is a Clarion graduate, Writers of The Future winner, and Campbell Award for Best New SF Writer Finalist.