Essay: suffering to podcast

metalnadash A writer by the name of Jake Bible, someone I listen to and read regularly, someone who’s work I liked enough to buy a story from for the my anthology Walk the Fire, just blogged honestly and eloquently how he finally, with a heavy heart, will no longer podcast his fiction. It’s worth a read.

Podcasting has changed a lot in the last five or seven years. It was once a bright new thing, an innovative road to discovery for indie writers. It was a free way to stay sane on long commutes. It became an iTunes darling, for a time. Podcasting is still here, but it no longer has the cache of being new and innovative. That title was passed on to ebooks.

As you likely have figured out, if you made your way to this blog, I’ve been giving my fiction away for four years. Ten or eleven titles out now, six more in pre-production, more in the brain-cave percolating. I love podcasting almost as much as I love writing. I’m making a day job out of narrating for audible titles as well (stay-at-home-dad wages right now, but the future looks promising), on skills honed from years of podcasting.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you there are days I wake up and think… it’s time to walk away.


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On Price, & Trusting Readers

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 1.20.58 PMI’ve talked before about offering my books on Gumroad to provide DRM-free books you actually own & can enjoy on virtually ANY ebook reader or computer. Now I’m taking it further:

One of the hardest things an artist can do is name their price. I’d rather trust readers to reward me as they see fit: I’m lowering the Kindle minimum (I don’t want to tangle with that 800 pound gorilla) & letting you set any price you see fit above that minimum. One of the tricks Amazon uses to keep prices above $2.99 is to cut the royalties they pay authors for cheaper books.

I’m excited to see what happens now I’ve dropped the price for Walk the Fire & Subversion: Enemy Lines 1 to $2.49, below the $2.99 trigger-price Amazon sets for higher royalties to let you name your price.

Am I crazy? I guess we’ll let the readers decide.


CROSSING LINES was the first story I ever podcast, way back in 2009. I’ve had requests to release it as an ebook, and finally I’m going to.

‘Crossing Lines’ is the story of a wanderer with a troubled past and a sensitivity to magic that pulls him hard, to a mountain in the middle of nowhere, where he’s caught up in impending apocalypse, powerful practitioners…and a blood feud.

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SUBVERSION is here! Book One in my ENEMY LINES series is now for sale on Amazon! This full-length novel of conspiracy, spies and aliens has been a long time coming and I’m SO excited that it’s finally loose in the world!

SUBVERSION is now for sale on Kindle. This is the first in a 6 (or more) book saga, one that I’ve been building for three years. It tells the story of Jonah Harwood, a man with a dark past who found a road to the light, only to have the universe call on him to battle again–this time for all humanity.