‘Cracking the Codes!’ by JR Murdock

The following is a guest post on the importance of your promotion efforts, and a concrete way to track which efforts are bearing fruit directly through sales of your book! Thank you JR Murdock for taking the time to write this great guest post!

You’ve written your book. You’ve gone and self published it. You’re getting your name out there through blog interviews, blog reviews, guest blog posts, podcasts, you’re all over the place. So how do you know what’s working and what’s just spinning your wheels? Continue reading

Last Man Home, the eBook

Here’s a sneak peek of my upcoming dip into eBooks. I designed the cover myself, completely on iPhone and iPad using Photogene, Juxtaposer and FotoBrush Pro.

‘Last Man Home’ is a novella that appeared on the ‘Serving Worlds’ podcast last year. My next podcast is a more traditional SF, so I thought I’d launch my first ebook with something in the same vein.

More to come soon!