IndieGoGo update/Dead Robots podcast interview

I’ve gone and done a new podcast interview discussing crowdfunding & indie writing with Justin & Terry over at the Dead Robots Society. Check it out!

A tiny man once said ‘never get involved in a land war in Asia’. I’ll add, ‘never start a crowdfunding campaign over Christmas’. But I’m back… & I need your help.

I hope you’re credit cards are all paid up and your gift cards still have balances on ’em… and hope you’ll consider listening to my fiction, downloading a free ebook (Harlan’s Wake) and sponsoring the art and editing of my next novel, ENEMY LINES.

Don’t forget: besides all the reasons for funding ENEMY LINES (free ebooks, novels, audiobooks, posters of the ENEMY LINES cover art, or a copy of all my books for life!) once the indiegogo campaign is fully funded, all backers will be entered into a draw for my very own, brand new Kindle Fire! So sign up now.

Interview: The Dead Robots Society

That was hella fun. I pity poor Justin Macumber having to edit the crazy interview, but I had a blast!

Discussed: serialized fiction and my audio fiction collection Serving Worlds. Popular free fiction proponent JC Hutchins’ bombshell announcement that he’s leaving ‘free’ behind, and more. Had a damn fine time, Skype dropouts aside (ah, technology!)

They Dead Robots have done a lot of great interviews. They’ve got great banter & they care about writing. Visit the Dead Robots HERE.