Kickstarter Fatigue & Alienation

Juxtaposer001This blog post started as a comment to Lucie Le Blanc’s Google Plus thread about why she’s backing away from Kickstarter. I totally get why she feels that way. Some Kickstarters don’t fulfill at all, or charge so much that some backers feel ripped off.

I say that just as my Walk The Fire Kickstarter is about to fulfill! Six months late. Oh, and all the physical rewards won’t ship until almost 8 months late. You know what, though? It’s still been a glorious success I’m proud to share with the backers. Here’s why…
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Four days left to Back ENEMY LINES!

It’s down to the final four days, and you’ve pushed the ENEMY LINES IndieGoGo campaign over a thousand dollars!

It’s less than the average advance for a first novel, but I take it as a great demonstration of support from my readers and listeners! I believe in Indie publishing and podcasting, & want to thank each and every one of you!… but we’re not done yet.

I need to raise as much as I can, to scrape together payment for cover art and editing & get the rewards you’ve earned out the door. Plus, there’s an Amazon Kindle up for draw as soon as we cross the finish line!

If one out of every hundred of my podiobooks listeners answers the call? We’re done. So please visit IndieGoGo and contribute! Thanks folks! See you at the finish line!