Nathan Lowell: Everyone’s A Critic

If you’ve ever created something you know that moment of pride when you share it-& you know that moment when someone craps all over it.  Print/ebook author & podcaster Nathan Lowell has some pointers on how to take the hits:

(T)he bottom line on this is if you put your work out, you have to own it. People will say all kinds of things about it — and you…glean the valuable lessons from
both positive and negative.

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#PodCrit: a Roundtable on Criticism in Podcasting

A roundtable discussion on criticism in podcasting with Jake Bible of the Dead Mech fame, Paul E Cooley of the Closet Treats podcast, Nathan Lowell of the Solar Clipper series, and J. Daniel Sawyer of the Antithesis Progression & more. Also mentioned: Association of New Media Artists & Producers and Understanding Podcasting. Personal critique: yes, sound levels are way off. Blame me & Skype, then enjoy!
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Social Media: It’s Okay to Rock the Boat!

Forgive me folks: I’m putting my Canadian passport on the shelf for this one, because polite is the one thing I can’t be with this essay. In fact, I’m gonna be downright cranky. It’s a call to arms… or to email, actually. Because there’s too much crap out there, and I’ve got an idea for how you can do something about it.

Do you love social media? Me too. That’s why I’m writing this. I want to make tweeters, facebookers and podcasters better at what they do: I’m here to rock the boat.       …Read On, or Listen In! Download MP3

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