Balticon: ‘Dramatic or Straight Kickstarting?’

It’s a JUMBO episode, featuring 2 panels from Balticon: “Dramatization or Straight Read” & “Reading, and Kickstarting Your Fiction.” Forgive the “I’m Canadian” jokes, folks, I was high on Maple Syrup at the time ;-)

The participants in this madness?
Scott Roche, Michael Stokes & Jay Smith, PG Holyfield, Brand Gamblin , Alex White, Brennan Taylor, JR Blackwell, Norm Sherman

#PodCrit: a Roundtable on Criticism in Podcasting

A roundtable discussion on criticism in podcasting with Jake Bible of the Dead Mech fame, Paul E Cooley of the Closet Treats podcast, Nathan Lowell of the Solar Clipper series, and J. Daniel Sawyer of the Antithesis Progression & more. Also mentioned: Association of New Media Artists & Producers and Understanding Podcasting. Personal critique: yes, sound levels are way off. Blame me & Skype, then enjoy!
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