The dumb thing about Smartphones

Full disclosure: if you don’t follow me on twitter you might not know I recently switched from a top of the line iPhone 4 to a top of the line HTC Desire… then downgraded to an 3-yr old iPhone 3G just this week. I love tech, I love social media, I love the power the internet access, always-on messaging systems, camera and various sensors… I love all the capacity and all the candy.

But sometimes I realize just how dumb it all is, too.

In my personal life, I’m not at all materialistic. I own few clothes, a computer for the kids, a laptop for myself, and an iPad my wife appropriated when her computer died. I drive a minivan, my wife commutes to work in a station wagon. We have a 3-bedroom home for a family of 5. But when it comes to phones? Man, I’m a little bit crazy. Continue reading

#PodCrit: a Roundtable on Criticism in Podcasting

A roundtable discussion on criticism in podcasting with Jake Bible of the Dead Mech fame, Paul E Cooley of the Closet Treats podcast, Nathan Lowell of the Solar Clipper series, and J. Daniel Sawyer of the Antithesis Progression & more. Also mentioned: Association of New Media Artists & Producers and Understanding Podcasting. Personal critique: yes, sound levels are way off. Blame me & Skype, then enjoy!
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