The Trouble with Kindle

amazon_blackThe problem with Kindle is one of perception. Some love the ubiquitous, all-platform access to ebooks and how Amazon drives cheap prices. Some hate the leasing-not-owning Kindle EULA and how Amazon endangers the livelihood of many book professionals.

I try new ways of sharing my works all the time. One thing I settled on a couple years back has never changed, though: if you buy my books on Kindle, I’ll give you a DRM-free ePub format copy of that same book, to OWN NOT LEASE, for FREE.

Email me a screenshot of your receipt to receive an ePub of that title. Is this the right balance? Is there a better way? Let me know in your favorite social media stream.

ASUNDER ebook now on sale!

Twenty years after the American civil war, former slave Marcus Riggs fights for his life in a British harbor, in a world where Invaders came to enslave all of humanity.

The first volume in the War Between Worlds series, ASUNDER is now available for $1.99 on Kindle.

Marcus watched, skin crawling as the ship drew near. He remembered a sky clogged with dark shapes, as the alien sky-ship approached with a building whine. It closed again on the harbor, and lightning crackled from barrels beneath the wings. There was a flash and a roar, and balls of white crackling energy hammered the wood and iron-clad ships in the harbor.

He saw Burns stand, steady as a rock, and fire his single shot rifle into the sky.

His aim was true, flaring through the force wall defending the alien craft… Marcus was impressed to see a spark on the nose of the ship. Alas, to little effect, save for scratching the black paint covering the nose with a crude skull and crossbones.”

Explore a different past, when Queen Victoria’s England stood against an onslaught of Invaders… and a war between worlds. ASUNDER. Available now!

MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE ebook now on sale!

On a mountaintop, by the light of the full moon, the challenge between wolf… and Dragon… will be decided.

A short story first released in the Serving Worlds, podcast audio anthology, Mountain Challenge is now available for .99c on Kindle.


Preserving Instinct backed Aleyku up against a jutting rock when the horrible scent filled his nostrils. When he met the rock he stopped, and thought of following the elk back down the trail.


He waited, ears twitching in vain for sound, but refused to slink back off the mountain. All that matters is reaching the top. When he was satisfied that nothing moved around him save swaying branches, he continued on. In part he was frightened how easy it had become to override life-preserving reflexes, but another part was eager to face whatever came. Stupid, looking for challenge like this.

Both relief and sadness tugged at him as he completely abandoned the cry of his Instincts for the first time in his life. Aleyku was saddened by the thought he might be running his last race, but also eager to see what lay at the end. He stooped to chew long, cool grass to settle his nervous stomache and stoke his courage.

He caught it again, the strange firescent. Sure enough it was close now, wafting down the only pass leading upwards. Baring his teeth, Aleyku cantered ahead.

Stupid, but exciting!

Read more after the break, or pick up Mountain Challenge for Kindle for .99c!

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MARKED MEN ebook now on sale!

A stowaway on a train, running from something horrible, falls into the hands of evil men. Soon, innocent lives will be lost as human monsters will face something ancient, powerful… and hungry.

A short story first released in the Serving Worlds podcast audio anthology, Marked Men is now available for .99c on Kindle.

“Get up!”

Rough hands yanked Daniel from his hiding place behind a crate of buffalo pelts bound for the east. Half asleep, he was thrown from the train car into prairie and scrub brush.

He tried to break his fall, and his hands were slashed on the rock bed of the tracks. He screamed and came all the way awake. He wanted to run but could only cradle his hands to his chest, gasping at the pain. A tall man jumped down after him, kicking him in the ribs before tying his wrists together. “Y’all picked the wrong train,” the man drawled.

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Allison Duncan: Making Niches & Sites Play Nice

I’ve spent a lot of time with WordPress making this site convey, well, me. It’s hard work. That makes it easy for artists selling online to ignore.

Allison Duncan is an online media content producer, voice actor and dedicated dissector of blog form and content. The perfect intersection of skills to start creatives thinking how to create their own online presence.

As an author or writer you are more than a simple website. You need to consider the fullest extent of that niche. You sell. You write. You monetize. You socialize.
All four points of that spread need to be covered in a site template or theme that you choose.

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