‘Retaliation’ adaptation now on Audible

retaliation The third in my Enemy Lines series, ‘Retaliation’ again features the voice of Kelley Hazen of Storyteller productions. Check out a sample on Audible.

Jonah Harwood has lived offworld in secret for decades. Now he is both hunter and hunted when he returns to Earth to stop an alien invasion. Spies, soldiers, thieves, and aliens are all caught in a power play to control the future of our world. A future where humanity isn’t the only player, and the lines aren’t as clear as you think. Welcome to Enemy Lines.

INFILTRATION: Audiobook Release

infiltration_Acx It’s a big week for me: INFILTRATION, the second Enemy Lines book is now out on Audible.com. Like Subversion: Enemy Lines Book 1, it’s voiced by the incredible Kelley Hazen of Storyteller Productions (also the voice of the ‘Hunt for Jack Reacher’ series & many more).

Infiltration carries the near-future battle, between advanced humans & an alien force eager to invade, to Earth. As if alien invasion wasn’t enough: corporate treason, political intrigue, & old fashioned human greed threaten everything on the planet.

Interview: Rish Outfield (narrator)

RishMarked Men ACXI’ve begun releasing audio versions of my fiction on Audible.com, and I’ve been working for months to hand-pick the narrators I wanted. My latest is the weird western/dark fantasy Marked Men, now available on Audible. I was happy to get Rish Outfield, a talented audiobook performer and podcaster in his own right (The Dunesteef.com). Rish was good enough to answer a few questioBARE HIS NARRATING SOUL! and it’s a really fun listen. If you like this interview, you’ll really dig him narrating Marked Men.

Thanks, Rish. You hit a homer.

A stowaway on a train, running from something horrible, falls into the hands of evil men. Soon, innocent lives will be lost as human monsters will face something ancient, powerful – and hungry.


Interview: PJ Ochlan (narrator)

pjochlanI’ve begun releasing audio versions of my fiction on Audible.com, and I’ve been working for months to hand-pick the narrators I wanted. One of my first picks was PJ Ochlan, a talented audiobook performer, stage and screen actor, and voice teacher. PJ is the narrator of Last Man Home, a story about grizzled vets of an interstellar war coming face to face with one of the creatures they spent a decade killing.

Eight years after the war with the Alotans, Jake, Teddy, Gris and Dru are the only survivors of Tom Callahan’s squad. They’re gathering for their annual reunion-but this year a new face wants to join in: an Alotan going by the name of… Tom Callahan.

PJ was kind enough to answer some questions about his work by way of introduction to my readers. He’s a talented cat, and it’s a great read!   download audio sample
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Audible Audiobook Giveaway

51XYhJXKveL._SL300_ My first two Audible audiobook titles are now available, featuring revised text and all-new, high quality recordings performed by awesome new narrators.

‘Last Man Home’ is a quirky mix of serious and humorous science fiction, featuring grizzled war-vets facing off against an alien in the woods.

‘The List’ is a horror (well, more suspense and dark fantasy) piece set in the days leading up to WW2, about a british spy investigating a secret auction for a mysterious List.

To celebrate my launch on Audible I’m giving away five audiobooks! Note: you’ll need to use your Amazon.com account (or create one) to access the download.

To get one of these free books, just tweet or blog this link to my Amazon author page & let me know! I’ll update this post when all five are spoken for.

[UPDATE: They’re all gone, folks! Remember, if you grabbed one, a review on Audible would be much appreciated.]

Other Voices, More Words

othervoicesComing soon from Serving Worlds: more collaboration and a journey into the uncharted waters of Audible.com.

20,000+ of you listen to me every month. (Update: sure, I said 200,000 in my mailing list version of this post, but I’ve always had delusions of grandeur). I’m damn proud of that number, and that somewhere between 6-8K of you have been repeat listeners for YEARS.

But as much as writing is a passion of mine, it also HAS to be a business… and business have to grow.

In the coming months I will release revised and updated editions of some of my stories as Audible audiobooks, with all new voices lending high quality narration. This will let me write more new words than I ever could on my own, reach new listeners, and work with new collaborators to create more words and worlds for you to enjoy!

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Interview with Jeffrey Kafer

kafer An interview with narrator & Voiceover artist Jeffrey Kafer (JeffreyKafer.com), of Podiobook & Audible fame, who can next be heard next in Jeremy Robinson‘s ‘Project Nemesis’. We touch on Jeffrey’s career, suggestions for new narrators & close with a shout-out to Evo Terra of Podiobooks.com infamy. Theme music: ‘Soul Music’ by DJ Drinks.