Apple vs. Amazon, or the Foodie vs. the Big Gulp

Today the world was formally introduced to the Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon said: “There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less.”

I’d argue the Fire is more about Amazon vs. every-android-tablet-out-there (especially B&N’s nook), but the world wants something to call an iPad-killer. Fine, let’s go with it: between these two contenders the fight isn’t overpriced vs. undercut… it’s quality vs. quantity. If Apple’s got a deserved rep for being a snob, than Amazon’s the most annoying Wal-Mart greeter ever.
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TALK SHOW: Tobias Buckell

A talk on the long view for publishing, a new funding model, mac-geeking & writing process with author Tobias Buckellmp3 download

Originally hailing from the Caribbean and now making his home in Ohio, Tobias has published 6 books and almost 50 short stories.He is a Clarion graduate, Writers of The Future winner, and Campbell Award for Best New SF Writer Finalist.