Free serialized audio adventure: THE ROAD TO WAR

‘The Road to War’ has blasted into the podcast world with a 3-episode launch. All-new characters introduce you to an all-new world in this fun, fast-paced adventure filled with action, humor and intrigue. Subscribe below to receive new episodes FREE twice a month.

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What would you fight for…kill for…die for? Find out, on The Road To War.

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Near End of Content Wormhole

[Graphic: a bridge pod on System Guard Flagship Zeus (circa 2300 AD)]

Welcome back! It’s been a while since we talked. First, a status update: yes, the free podcast has ratcheted down to monthly. There will be new podcast fiction going up in the free feed next week, and I’m still feeding my patrons much more fiction and goodies.

The feed’s been empty for two weeks because I’ve been under the weather:for the past couple weeks I’ve been fighting mysterious pains, been admitted to the hospital, had a CT scan and finally an ultrasound. I was first misdiagnosed with multiple hernias, then with torn abdominal muscles–before they found some spots in my liver.

Relax, I’m not dying. I’m just a storyteller, and this is a good story.

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A new, Patron-Only Series

WinterBelt Cover smI tell stories for free in pieces, then I sell them whole. In between, I give exclusive access to Patrons who help support me while I write. Now, I’m happy to offer one more way to reward Patrons: ‘The Winter Belt’, first in a series of full length adventures only on Patreon!

UPDATE: So here’s the thing: This adventure launch will in November but ONLY if ten or more patrons back it at the ‘superfan’ $10 level **OR** if we climb above $250 total monthly patronage at all levels, in which case I’ll release parts of the story as shorts (that stand on their own as stories) to all my patron levels.

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