Life Support & Store Windows

Jan 2017 talk showI’m excited about: writing ‘in public’, attempting a story in a day-idea to finished text/audio.

I’m not excited about: pulling the plug on the Serving Worlds podcast in the next few weeks, unless more listeners become patrons.


This is a good news/bad news, stream of consciousness kind of update. I wrote it this morning and narrated the audio this aft. It’s disjointed but I’m glad it’s out there, for good and bad.

Here’s something I’m excited about: for a while now I’ve been wondering if I could pull off a story in a day, from idea to finished audio. Here’s something I’m not excited about: podcasting fiction.

Improvising on your feet can create really cool stuff sometimes. One of my inspirations for this is Harlan Ellison’s famed ’watch me write a story in a shop window’ stunt:

Back in the day, cranky ol’ Harlan would warm up his fingers for the manual typewriter he’d set up in the window, then take a phrase or idea from onlookers to start him off. As he finished a page, he’d tape it facing out through the shop window beside him.

What do you think? Would you like to watch original stories come to life, conceived, written and narrated in of a day, or over night?

This has been a goal of mine for a while, but it’s been trickier than I ever expected to pay for the time to do it. I’d need to add patrons to get to that goal.

So let me know if it’s something you want. I’ll put a selection of prompts up in a poll, you’ll pick the one you want to see and I’ll craft a story and narrate it. Some will be completely standalone, sometimes I’ll give you a choice of an existing world or character that I have space to work with… I think it could be cool to see where you want those stories to go, too. And yes, those stories would be canon, legit history.

Here’s the bad news. You know what just isn’t fun for me anymore? Making a podcast.

I truly loved creating a free podcast for seven out of the eight last years, but it’s just not adding value. To my life or to the listeners, apparently. There are dozens of you awesome folks helping me create new stuff…and there are still a couple thousand listeners to every episode, even after moving from 4 to 2 ep is odes a month. Ish.

I truly appreciate my free listeners’ attention and appreciation, but—I don’t really have their support, you know? I feel like I’ll be perceived as rude to say it, but yeah… it is a kick in the pants when people keep listening for extended periods and don’t return value with a review, book purchase, patronage, something.

If ten percent of my free listeners become dollar-a-month, I could buy my family medical benefits. Not caviar, not sports cars: stress free dental visits.

The bottom line is, I love the feedback you guys give me here on Patreon and in your personal messages. I love creating and surprising and entertaining you… and myself along the way! But I’m just not feeling the love from the free podcast, and I don’t have the energy to find a fun way to ask listeners from the free podcast to help me anymore.

This is my way of saying…the podcast is on life support, folks. I’m considering pulling the plug at the next ‘twist’ in ‘Alliance Marines’, allowing for a complete experience for current listeners but putting an end to what is starting to feel like an unappreciated exercise.

So! A Mix of good and bad in this post. I’ll post it at, in the aforementioned podcast currently on life support, and on my patron page.

If you want the podcast to continue, or even come back to weekly and continue to thrive, I need you to chip in a buck a month to show me you want it. If not, at the end of this section of Alliance Marines, my metaphorical tip jar is still empty, I’ll close up shop and thank you for your time and attention, and wish you well.

None of this diminishes the fact that every little bit helps —and Patrons? I am already VERY appreciative of your pledge even right where it’s at. Thanks for supporting my habit of Serving you Worlds. I hope we keep each other going for a long time to come.

Cheers, all.