Other Voices, More Words

othervoicesComing soon from Serving Worlds: more collaboration and a journey into the uncharted waters of Audible.com.

20,000+ of you listen to me every month. (Update: sure, I said 200,000 in my mailing list version of this post, but I’ve always had delusions of grandeur). I’m damn proud of that number, and that somewhere between 6-8K of you have been repeat listeners for YEARS.

But as much as writing is a passion of mine, it also HAS to be a business… and business have to grow.

In the coming months I will release revised and updated editions of some of my stories as Audible audiobooks, with all new voices lending high quality narration. This will let me write more new words than I ever could on my own, reach new listeners, and work with new collaborators to create more words and worlds for you to enjoy!


I’ve always gone out of my way to support and collaborate with other creators. I came up with the help of others (I’m STILL coming up with the help of others!) and it feels good to give back and be part of a community.

I’m a full-time, professional creator. Of my own words and as a narrator for others.

A lot of my time goes to the day job, working on audiobooks for other authors (mostly as John M Perry). That is a gift of a day job. I’m never going to take other authors’ trust for granted.

Creating podcasts of my fiction is a gift for so many reasons: it motivates me to finish and revise what I write and a deadline to share with thousands of you who keep me in your playlists.

I’m never going to take that trust for granted either.

Selling the stories in ebooks that are revised after podcasts are completed means they’re slightly or greatly improved from the fiction I put out in audio. There’s some great stuff in there I still want to share with listeners.

I’ve also discovered a love for connected novellas with my ENEMY LINES series. Released as one massive book for the podcast, it’s done well for me as three connected novellas — with new words, new edits evan an all new plot thread!

And still, I struggle to meet the demands on my wallet, while putting out new words for you (AND for me…who am I kidding! I go crazy when I don’t write or tell stories for too long).

So what’s a struggling creator to do?

I’m going to say right now: this is not the swan song for me voicing my own fiction. I plan to continue to write and narrate my own stories in ‘Farlost’, ‘Walk The Fire’ and other worlds.

But to make a better life for my family, to write more words and create new markets to reach customers right alongside podcasting/crowdfunding, and ebooks…I’m jumping into the Audible audiobook market.

Starting with 7 backlist titles, all of which have been revised, updated and re-edited since earlier versions were podcast, I will be releasing a collection of Audible audiobooks in association in new, high-quality productions voiced by a number of skilled narrators.

Why not release the audio I’ve already put out for free?

Because they’re not the same stories.

There are twists, cleaned up passages, all new words.

And frankly, the audio I created 3, 4 or 5 years ago is not up to scratch.

Why not re-record them in my own voice?

I need to create and publish new words, not revisit what I’ve done before.

And, as an artist who works both as a writer and a narrator, with a history of collaboration, I am excited by handing these stories over to other voices to put their stamp on.

Even if these weren’t materially different stories than what I originally podcast, adding a new voice adds an exciting dimension to the storytelling.

Like watching James Bond played by a new actor. Like reading a (good) ghost writer tell new stories from your favorite series.

In the coming weeks I’ll reveal the names of the titles, and tell you a bit about the narrators helping bring the stories to life. I wanted to post this now because some of you have asked questions…and this is too exciting to sit on any longer!

First, I have to dedicate my attention to fulfilling my Walk The Fire 2 Kickstarter responsibilities (you guys have been very patient, thank you for giving me the time I needed to do it right!) The next few weeks will see ‘WTF2’ sent to the backers, and the physical rewards FINALLY begin to roll out.

So, in closing: I am dedicated to keep on serving you more adventures in worlds you’ve met, and in all-new ones: there are stories on the back-burner that I will final ly have time to write -without leaving you waiting for weeks or months between stories – ONLY because I am inviting other voices to work with me to get them out.

So now you know! I hope you’ll help spread the word about this new dimension coming from ‘Serving Worlds’, give the new voices a shot, or maybe even get pulled into an adventure you missed the first time around!

This is all about you, and giving you more ways to enjoy.

Thank you for reading my stories. Thank you for listening to my storytelling.

Now git! It’s time for me to write more made-up stuff!