Mentorship: a Challenge

Apprentice As a full time author and narrator, I get to spend a large part of my time creating things…and I know how lucky I am to be in this position.

I learned ebook and audio book production skills through practice, hard work…and a lot of help. I try to pay it forward: with my shared world project WALK THE FIRE, discussions with fellow creators such as in the PODCAST TEARDOWN…and in helping (and being helped by) other new creators as they learn their craft.

I challenge you to do the same: be a mentor.

The only way art evolves is when new artists add to the mix. Healthy communities help the next generation, they don’t hoard their knowledge, or deny credit to those who help them. Collaboration and even competition make for better communities, more skilled creators, and better art.

I have been very fortunate to be approached by new artists offering a meaningful trade: their time, energy and gifts on the things I create in exchange for a chance to hone their skill. I give them constructive criticism, I give them credit, I give them recognition and thanks.

Mentorship is a time honored tradition, but one that’s sorely missing in many digital communities. That’s got to change, if we want to make the best art, the best content, the best product we can.

What have I found in answering questions, in opening my content up to others who want to help? It has helped me create more, better content and form partnerships that magnify my own inspiration and the quality of my work.

And one other thing, that sounds a little cheesy: I feel good about myself for helping others.

So folks, here’s my challenge: offer someone coming up in your field a chance to work with you, learn from you…and likely teach you something new as wello.

Share what you know. Create a virtuous circle, and watch the energy you pour out come back to your community, your craft, and to you!