Help Me Serve Worlds

THANK YOU FOR TAKING PART IN ‘OPERATION PODCAST BRAINZ!” I’m a little stunned, and a lot grateful, that you’ve helped me reach this goal. A couple dozen of you went above and beyond & earned books for your help.

Some friends still wonder why I give things away free. It’s partly because I love to make my voice heard, it’s partly because of the download numbers and feedback… and a big part of it is this. You people. And your support.

You funded my first novel. Now you’ve paid 80% of the computer I create on! It means a lot to me, and I’m much relieved to be able to now replace my hollowed-out Taun-Taun of a computer. Thank you!

This isn’t life or death, but I am in a jam. The computer that I create words & podcasts on is on life support. Help to replace it & I’ll send you books! Read on, then click the SUPPORT button up top, or visit the GoFundMe page. OFFER ENDS NOVEMBER 30TH! Download

I won’t be melodramatic, I’ll just say thank you if you can help. If you can’t, the words and podcasts will keep coming, just… slower.

Support gets you DRM-free ebooks, as well as serving the root problem: helping me secure a machine to write fiction and create new podcast stories and talk for you, for years to come!

$10 all of the above and ASUNDER, LAST MAN HOME and TOOLS & MEANS.
$15 all of the above plus SUBVERSION
$20 all of the above plus WALK THE FIRE
$30 all of the above plus THE LIST & an unpublished ebook (& my first podcast story ever) CROSSING LINES

and if you can, and want to, I have a real deal for you:

$200 earns you all the above plus an ePub copy of EVERY piece of fiction I publish .. for LIFE.

I hope you can help out, folks. I won’t beat this horse dead. The faster I sort this out the faster things can get back to abnormal around here (grin) but stay tuned. There’s more coming, soon!

I appreciate your support, all.