On layout, theme & coffee cups

Hope you’re liking the new, cleaner look here at Serving Worlds. Like most artistic but non-graphic people, I let the place get a little (a lot?) cluttered. The new wordpress theme is ‘customized Blaskan‘ & I like it a lot!
‘Blaskan’ uses responsive design-meaning my site will slim down automatically to fit your size of screen, now. In addition to slimming down from two right-side columns to one I tightened up the links at the top of the page both in content & appearance.

I’ve also added a link to a donation page, after months of requests…& my recent roundtable podcast on revenue streams for writers. This was a tough one for me, despite being offered donations in the past. I won’t get rich on it & that’s not the intention… but it feels good getting donations from podcast subscribers who like my work but prefer audio fiction over ebooks, or tune in for my interviews with other voices. If that’s you, now you can buy me a coffee (or help pay the web host) here.

One last note: comments are still closed. I’ve been recommending social media as the place to get in touch with me -big links still on the right!- but I’d like your feedback on comments, the website redesign, & all things ‘Serving Worlds’. New look aside, how am I doing? What do you want to see more of & less of around these parts? Let me know!

Well, that’s it for this state of the website address! More content coming son. Next up: another ‘Walk the Fire‘ story!