Taking A Knee

Hi folks. I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m takin’ a knee. There will be no new fiction UNTIL September.

Bottom line: I’m burning myself out. Seriously. There is MUCH to come, and that has to happen behind the scenes.

Stay tuned!

Work is a lot to think about. My sister in law is getting married.

In the sphere of podcasting, I’m launching seekrit project ‘WTF’in September and my collaborators deserve my time and energy.

I’m also launching ENEMY LINES as a series in ebooks.

I love the listener response and self-impose deadlines of podcasting. I love working hard to keep you folks entertained (and subscribed).

All that aside, I have to step back.

I’m not quitting podcasting! Oh no! PYRE will launch in the fall, followed by a prequel story from ENEMY LINES featuring Cal Yamada & ‘Bruno’.

I am also narrating for a couple authors in audible (and pushing them into podcasting). First up, you’ll hear my voice in the fledgling podcast of the delightful Denise Grover Swank.

So don’t call this an exit, an in the fall? Don’t call it a come-back!

In the meantime, I’ll keep the feed going with nonfiction content. And something new: one of the things that told me I was pushing my engine too hat was when I literally put down my mic and bought a new domain.

Yes, that’s right: I’ve dedicated myself to podcasting so much that when my brain started smoking I avoided the craft… By creating a wiki about the craft.

Visit Podcast Culture. That’s where I’ve started a media wiki (the software Wikipedia is based on) to promote podcasting and collect links to all the great resources that already exist in a non-biased, link and citation heavy way.

Deep breaths, John!

See? I love podcasting!

So, to wrap up: new fiction coming, new podcasts coming, ENEMY LINES series launching… And you’ll hear my voice in a few other ways sooner rather than later.

So thank you for reading or listening. I hope you’ll stay subscribed for the good new words coming… and if you love podcasting please create an account over at Podcast Culture and help me build something great!

See you soon.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!