Patronage vs. Donations

I’ve had a number of you good readers and listeners express regrets you didn’t get a chance to support me in my IndieGoGo campaign. Some of you asked where you can donate, via PayPal or other, to support my writing.

I thought hard about that, because I’m jazzed the crowdfunding campaign is working as outreach. As an indie content creator the greatest thing in the world is to create advocates. Real PATRONS of what you make!

So, I’ve decided not to return to to donations. If you want to send me money, I’ve got a better idea: what you were going to give me as a patron, please use instead to buy one of my books from Smashwords if you’d like to use Paypal directly, or Kindle, or whatever platform floats your boat.

If you’ve got the books, buy one for a friend, or even a Book Blogger if they’re set up to accept it. This way, your money directly supports my word production, AND works as an endorsement to whoever you get the book for.

And… thanks for asking. Thanks for helping. Thank you for being my Patron!