Don’t tell Amazon! …okay, go ahead, tell’em!

Today begins a marketing experiment with ebooks and Kindle. I’m testing the sensitivity of Amazon and hoping it’s high enough to catch me at my own game…and fall into my evil trap!
Translation: I’m giving away HARLAN’S WAKE for free on Smashwords or iBooks…not so much on Kindle.

See, Amazon doesn’t let folks give their books away. But if you give your books away elsewhere, and they catch you at it, they drop your book to $0 automatically. So, I’m hoping you’ll read the story of the Harlan clan and the alien Silvers. If you like it? Tell others, leave a review or pick up another story.

Of course, if you want it for free on Amazon, you can always narc on me on Amazon. Please. Go ahead. The link’s about halfway down the page, right above customer reviews.

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