CC image by Flickr user Basheertome Sue Taliaferro asked for my thoughts on Creativity for a more-than-month long collection of author’s words on the subject hosted at ChocolateScotch.
Here’s what I writ:

From machinima to uploaded tribute videos, from podcasts to indie authors, from bloggers to tweeters spreading new creations and social change, the content consuming couch potato has been supplanted by content creators!

Creativity is how I get my rocks off. Creators are the people I listen to before news anchors, they’re my trusted web and many are my friends.Creativity is also fast becoming a privilege of democratic society and an active force in shaping those society’s futures-as maligned as twitter, facebook, podcast novels and online petitions still are.

Ghandi said: first they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win. Couch-potato consumers abandoned their voices. Creators, even before they create new wondrous things, have to embrace those voices again.

Creativity is finding your voice and beliefs and sharing them, tentatively at first, then more confidently.
Creating is living and taking part in making the world around you.
Creating is coming all the way alive.

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