The Podcast Teardown #1: Nathan Lowell

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Podcast Fiction is brand new–and old as dirt. Stories shared through the web, quite often in the voice of the writer, creating a new tradition in storytelling. Tech adopters have a tradition of their own, the Teardown: getting into the guts of things they love! Welcome to the Podcast Teardown! The Teardown is a mini-series of 10 questions on the nature of podcasting, put to 10 well-known podcast authors. The questions are the same. The answers might just surprise you.

First up: Nathan Lowell, who’s popularity, once he was listed on the iTunes mainpage crashed, one of the first and best collections of podcast fiction on the internet.

Special thanks to @MyVogonPoetry aka Carl Brand for the PODCAST TEARDOWN logo!

Find out more about Nathan Lowell at Find out more about podcasting at

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