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promoslicesI tell science fiction adventures with strong characters getting into trouble. I like a good cliffhanger & I love telling long form, serialized adventures. My story worlds range from space opera to near-future thrillers, alternate history, conspiracy, suspense & more. You can grab my stories on Kindle, Audible. I make audiobook versions available in a free podcast at the links below. Subscribe to the newsletter to learn more, and become a Patron to help me tell more stories & produce more free audiobook podcasts!

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‘Flashbacks’: free preview episode

flashback promo

Listen to the preview episode of a Patron exclusive set in ‘The Road to War’. If you value the free podcast, contribute to the next Patreon milestone! At $300 a month there will be free podcasts TWICE a month & ‘Flashbacks’ will become a regular part of the fun at Patreon!

In Reachers Get to be Grunts Pt. 1 we meet rebel fighter Jake Garner-back in his soldiering days. Jake is smart, gifted and dedicated. Only problem is, he’s not an Earther…and his new acquaintance Private Garvan has it even worse.

THE ROAD TO WAR: FLASHBACKS tell self-contained stories, enriching ‘The Road to War’ & teasing what lies ahead. My $3 Patrons will hear a complete Flashback adventure, one episode every month. $5 Patrons access episodes of 2 different Flashback adventures every month.

This is all part of the novel ‘The Road To War. Think of it as the extended cut, exploring our heroes and telling adventures that stand on their own. Some I hope to include in future novels, some will never be released outside Patreon.

The Flashbacks are turning points in our characters lives, exciting adventures all on their own or revelations explaining what’s happening in the world of ‘Alliance Marines’.
I’m making this first episode open to the public to show longtime listeners over on the free podcast what else is in store for them, and encourage them to become Patrons.

OriginStori Podcast: Bill Doran Interview

Bill Doran OScover

This is a crosspost from, the site where I house all my nonfiction podcast interviews with makers and creators. This guy makes incredible science fiction and fantasy props I think you guys will appreciate and I had a lot of fun talking with him about his craft. Bill Doran’s passion for prop design has pushed him to create bigger and more elaborate pieces. In 2012, he turned Punished Props into a full time career with his wife, and later another friend. Bill and Punished Props dedicates themselves to providing fans with the best video tutorials and DIY guide books they can muster. (Support Punished Props on Patreon)
Originally produced under a Creative Commons 3.0 license (by-nc-sa) for Patreon.

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Free serialized audio adventure: THE ROAD TO WAR

What would you fight for…kill for…die for? Find out, on The Road To War.
This serial adventure podcast features all-new characters in an all-new world. It’s a fast-paced story filled with action, humor and intrigue. Subscribe below to receive new episodes FREE twice a month. ‘Road’ is currently ONLY available as a podcast, unlike my other works on Kindle & Audible. Subscribe to the mailing list for news, release dates & sneak peeks into my stories, podcasts & worlds or become a Patron for exclusive extras!

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