The Podcast Teardown

PODCAST_TEARDOWN_finalPodcasting is powerful way to experiment with new content. It has a low cost/tech barrier to entry. Audible can’t make audiobooks fast enough, demonstrating audio remains a unique way for authors to attract attention, where video is an over-saturated medium that often drowns new voices out.

To learn what makes podcast fiction tick, check out my 2011 Parsec Award-nominated Podcast Teardown miniseries, featuring interviews with Mur Lafferty, Nathan Lowell, Jake Bible, Philippa Ballantine, Patrick McLean, Brand Gamblin, Basil Sands, Christof Laputka & Abigail Hilton. Download
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Interview: Patrick E McLean

Continuing a series of interviews with contributors to my new shared world anthology WALK THE FIRE. today we’re talking with Patrick E. McLean (Walk The Fire: From Fire, Bring Ice).

Learn more about Patrick McLean here, and read his latest story “Flame in the Night”, in my shared world anthology Walk the Fire (Kindle), along with eight other stories and authors.

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Nathan Lowell: Everyone’s A Critic

If you’ve ever created something you know that moment of pride when you share it-& you know that moment when someone craps all over it.  Print/ebook author & podcaster Nathan Lowell has some pointers on how to take the hits:

(T)he bottom line on this is if you put your work out, you have to own it. People will say all kinds of things about it — and you…glean the valuable lessons from
both positive and negative.

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