Interview: Patrick E McLean

Continuing a series of interviews with contributors to my new shared world anthology WALK THE FIRE. today we’re talking with Patrick E. McLean (Walk The Fire: From Fire, Bring Ice).

Learn more about Patrick McLean here, and read his latest story “Flame in the Night”, in my shared world anthology Walk the Fire (Kindle), along with eight other stories and authors.

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‘All Your Base’: Tobias Buckell

Back in Banned Book week, I asked creatives to take on SF quotes from movies/tv/games/books in their own style. First up: Tobias Buckell, who’s Kickstarting his novel Apocalypse Ocean. Tobias’s take will likely resonate with most of you reading this.

“We take hiccups and make art and culture and laughter out of it…”

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TALK SHOW: Tobias Buckell

A talk on the long view for publishing, a new funding model, mac-geeking & writing process with author Tobias Buckellmp3 download

Originally hailing from the Caribbean and now making his home in Ohio, Tobias has published 6 books and almost 50 short stories.He is a Clarion graduate, Writers of The Future winner, and Campbell Award for Best New SF Writer Finalist.

Interview: Moses Siregar

A talk with IndieAuthorRockstar & The Black God’s War creator Moses Siregar.

Also a host of the Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcast & Moses is a man with some experience in the world of independent publishing, social media & ethical self promotion. The interview is only slightly marred by your host’s profound need for sleep!
mp3 download

TALK SHOW for July 15: Scott Sigler!

I talk a bit about ENEMY LINES, a call for feedback & the main event: a reading, Q&A & brief interview from Scott Sigler’s Toronto stop on the Ancestor book tour! mp3 download
30-40 of Scott’s fans turned out to meet their Future Dark Overlord, and Scott didn’t disappoint in the reading or holding court at the bar until well after midnight! This is a long show, coming in over 1 hr. but well worth the listen!