A new, Patron-Only Series

WinterBelt Cover smI tell stories for free in pieces, then I sell them whole. In between, I give exclusive access to Patrons who help support me while I write. Now, I’m happy to offer one more way to reward Patrons: ‘The Winter Belt’, first in a series of full length adventures only on Patreon!

UPDATE: So here’s the thing: This adventure launch will in November but ONLY if ten or more patrons back it at the ‘superfan’ $10 level **OR** if we climb above $250 total monthly patronage at all levels, in which case I’ll release parts of the story as shorts (that stand on their own as stories) to all my patron levels.

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20,000 Years of FARLOST

2591542146438607504Just finishing up this week’s podcast and had to double check a date. Opened up the text file to double check and guess what? (Yes, kids, a ‘text file… I like ‘old school’ and simple :) Guess what else?

I have plotted 20,000 years of Farlost history.
That’s just up to the start of the action.

Writers are crazy.

The Listener Changes the Story

storytellerI want you to listen carefully…
I want you to listen to the way your friends and families tell their stories.  The same old stories and brand new ones. Listen to how they tell it when the restaurant’s crowded, or when there’s just a few people on the streetcorner.

Listen to the energy they put into it when people are hanging on the story, or when they’re struggling to keep your attention.

It’s the start of summer for most of us. A change in the air. More barbecues, weddings, gatherings for the hell of it. Energy from the weather, maybe a vacation, or friends and family visiting from far off.

A big part of why I love being a storyteller is that energy, the feedback I get from readers and listeners is just as important as the support of book buyers and Patrons who back me for a dollar a month on Patreon.

People tell the best stories when the listeners are excited, and open to the new ideas. I’m betting that you’ love being in that crowd, listening to the fresh new story!

I’m telling some different stories this summer. I’ll be revisiting FARLOST, and WALK THE FIRE, and maybe even ENEMY LINES, but I’m also doing some new things:

This summer, expect some standalone stories in text and audio at ServingWorlds.com. You can also expect a real treat for me that will run alongside the all-new stories: my narration of Philip K Dick’s ‘Second Variety’.

I love Old Time Radio, it’s what got me into podcasting. It’s all about strange people telling strange stories, and you don’t get any stranger than Philip K Dick!

So when you tune into Serving Worlds this summer, you’re going to hear stories you know well continuing, some new stories (you won’t have any clue where they’re taking you!) and also my tribute to a masterful storyteller, narrating his original words that led to so many movies you’ve seen over the years.

I want to say thank you for being a reader, a listener, for following me on social media, for buying my book, whatever convinced you to sign up for my mailing list and lend an ear.

Now it’s your turn, listener, to change MY stories.

I hope you’ll keep reading and listening, and if you do, please consider becoming a Patron for a dollar a month. If enough people want the originals and the PK Dick stories, I’ll keep them going, as well as continuing in my existing worlds.

Enjoy your summer, and remember to tune into the stories all around you!