About John

halfbiopicflippedI’m John Mierau. I’m a writer, narrator & podcaster. I write character-based fiction that also happens to have aliens, monsters or alternate somethings in it. Most important for me, though, is grounding elements of the fantastic inside ‘real’ characters you can love–or love to hate.

You can buy my books on Kindle & Audible, and serialized versions of many of the stories are also available -for free- thanks to the generosity of my supporters (who rock! and are thanked with exclusive stories & advanced access).


My first pro sale was Marked Men, to the DAW anthology Slipstreams. Serving Worlds, the name of this site and blog, was also the name of my first free fiction podcast: a short story collection. My first published novel was the near-future SF thriller Subversion: Book 1 of the Enemy Lines. I’m is also the creator of the Walk The Fire anthology series, featuring collaborations with other authors in a shared world of his own design, and the Farlost series, set in a far-flung future.

I put my ebooks out on Amazon (Not an Amazon fan? Just email your receipt for free ePubs of any kindle purchase).

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