A new, Patron-Only Series

WinterBelt Cover smI tell stories for free in pieces, then I sell them whole. In between, I give exclusive access to Patrons who help support me while I write. Now, I’m happy to offer one more way to reward Patrons: ‘The Winter Belt’, first in a series of full length adventures only on Patreon!

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It took me a while to put the pieces in place but I’m officially unveiling a $10 level of support, along with a separate RSS feed for these stories, and a few additional perks. ‘The Winter Belt’ is set in Farlost, and Patrons will choose what worlds I write in after it’s complete. These long-form adventures will be available to Patrons only for the first year or so, then they’ll be sold in book and audiobook versions.

This new level of support was requested by Patrons who know how much work it is to write the volume of stories I do, and wanted a way to kick up their support a notch. The lower levels of support still include patron-only short fiction and advanced access to free podcast releases.

Also: the free podcast is not going away…but it may drop to bi-weekly next year if I can’t afford to keep producing weekly.

Patron support is key to me buying time to write from other jobs, and keeping the free fiction coming every week. Some of my patrons donate $1 a month just to help that happen.

What mysteries does this $5 higher level patronage unlock? New, long-form serial adventures for Patrons only for at least a year before hitting book and audiobook stores for sale.

Patrons will also vote on what world I tell the next exclusive story in, what concept art and illustrations they want to see, and get patron infocast where I’ll answer their questions and discuss my process, what I’m working on next, and more.

The first long form adventure will explore mysteries of Farlost’s Winter Belt, the outer asteroid belt even the System Guard fears to cross without an armed convoy.

If we sign up ten people at this level in October, I’ll tell you this story. If not, I’ll cancel the level, and parts the story will become a much smaller excerpt in another tale.

I hope you guys want this. *I* want this, and the opportunity to tell extra tales in my worlds. I’m excited. Who’s up for a voyage through the very dangerous, mostly unknown Winter Belt?

Let me know what you think in the comments, and with your patronage! To become a patron from $1 a month or more, click the link below:

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20,000 Years of FARLOST

2591542146438607504Just finishing up this week’s podcast and had to double check a date. Opened up the text file to double check and guess what? (Yes, kids, a ‘text file… I like ‘old school’ and simple :) Guess what else?

I have plotted 20,000 years of Farlost history.
That’s just up to the start of the action.

Writers are crazy.